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Forms & Docs...

From time to time the Cleveland School Animal Hospital will require certain forms to be filled out and completed. For your convenience we have made some of the commonly used forms available for you to download and complete in the comfort of your home, before you even get to our facility. If you have any questions while completing any of our forms please contact us by Clicking Here.

Boarding Forms:
Our Boarding Admission Form should be completed prior to arriving to drop your pet off for boarding. When you drop off, our caring kennel technicians will good through your information and help clarify any questions you have.
Consent Forms:
The Dental Consent form is specific to sedations for dental cleanings.
Our Procedure Consent Form is our standard form for all surgical produres requiring sedation except for dental cleanings. In this form, we detail all aspects of your Pets Procedures and gives your consent to perform the procedure on your pet.
Pet Forms:
Cleveland School Animal Hospital offers pet packages to new puppies and kittens. These packages group the cost of the vaccines series needed and gives a discount to the owner. This is a convenient and less expensive way to make sure your new one gets all their pediatric care!
Registration Forms:
Feel free to print out our client registration sheet in advance to your appointment. If you have any changes we need to be aware of you can mail it in at any time or drop it by at your convenience. Don't have time to come in? Update your information easily through our Pet Portals!

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